Middle School ASES

After School Education and Safety Program (ASES)

Arts in Action Community Charter School's After School Education and Safety Program (ASES) is an after school program that is meant to serve up to 120 students free of cost. 

Homework Help
Students will receive homework assistance in small groups so that they all benefit from the additional assistance in their academic studies. They will also be working in small leadership group activities and projects in order to introduce them to the concepts of teamwork, community and responsibility.

Arts and Crafts
Students will explore the fundamentals of art making through a series of art projects that stimulate their visual and tactile senses. Additionally students will be introduced to art materials such as oil pastels,tissue paper, watercolors, model magic and much more.

Students will be introduced to the basics of cheer. They will learn basic stunts, jumps, chants and cheers. Students will also engage in strength and conditioning exercises to develop their muscles as cheer has an athletic component to it. At the same time they will learn team work, trust and cooperation.

The art of Nippon Kenpo (Japanese boxing) is a mixed martial art using protective gear. Students will learn the basics of stances, body movement, blocks, punches, and kicking. This art is done with full respect of others. Students will need loose clothing or a white Gi (karate uniform) in order to move adequately.

Students will learn the basics of playing guitar, piano, violin, singing, and producing their own music. Students will learn to name the parts on the instrument, how to maintain the instrument, read simple notation (standard notation and tablature), and perform like a professional. Students will have the opportunity to perform alone and with others.

Girl Scouts
At Girl Scouts, your student will have the opportunity to  prepare for a lifetime of leadership, success, and adventure in a safe environment.Through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience—a collection of engaging, challenging, and fun activities like earning badges, going on awesome trips,exploring science, getting outdoors and more.

Cooking Class
Arts in Action cooking class will prepare students with activities providing instruction of each step of the cooking process, food choices, food preparation, and food storage. Students will receive detailed information for each recipe, valuable tips that were used, and the food that will be  prepared during class.Instruction and learning activities are provided in a food lab using hands-on experiences. Ethnic, regional and international foods may also be studied and prepared.

Virtual Program Description

The ASES Virtual  Program is offered every day that the regular school is in session. Our virtual program will run from 3:30pm-5:00pm via Zoom.  Our program will include a virtual learning experience that will include MovieProduction, Cooking Class, Cheer, Movie Making, Health, Homework/academic support and Girl Scouts.  While in Zoom session students are expected to have their cameras on at all times and a full complete name with no logos as their profile name.  Students will use appropriate attire, this includes appropriate logos, images and words. Students are expected to use appropriate language and behavior at all times.

Local private school students are welcome to apply.