After School Programs

I am excited to welcome you to Arts in Action! I am the Director of Community Engagement and Enrichment.
During the school day, we are excited to offer Art and Music classes to all of our students.  
In the After-school program, we serve half of the school's population.  Besides homework help and physical education during our after-school program, we also offer a variety of enrichment activities such as:
  • art
  • music
  • musical theatre
  • karate
  • sports (currently only at the middle school)
  • cooking (currently only at the middle school)
  • Girls Scouts activities
For current AIA students: All Arts in Action students are eligible for the after-school program. Please click on the links below to learn more about what each program has to offer and to apply.
For students not attending AIA: Students in surrounding private schools are also eligible to participate in the after-school program. If interested, please contact me directly using the contact information in the signature block below. 
Also- please register or re-register our school to your Ralph's and/ Food4Less rewards card so that we can get donations that total 3-5% of your purchase! Please share this with your family and friends! 
Jesús Mascorro
Director of Community Engagement and Enrichment
Arts in Action Community Charter Schools

[email protected]