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School Based Counseling

School Counselors are able to facilitate individual or group counseling sessions to address student issues that have a negative impact on their educational process. Topics that may be addressed include: self-esteem, interpersonal issues, emotion management, organization, academic support, and behavior support, to name just a few. Although most sessions are scheduled, the School Counselors are also available to meet and check-in with students as needed or when issues arise. It is important to note that if student or family concerns become out of the scope of the School Counselor's work, she will refer the family to an outside service provider; the Counselor will work closely with the outside provider to assure that services and recommendations are continued in the school setting.
If you are interested in more information about School-Based Counseling please feel free to contact the Director of Student Culture or the School Counselor at 323-266-4371.
Yadira Almaraz, Elementary School Counselor 
Gisela Valenzuela, Elementary School Counselor 
Maria Kevorkian, Middle School Counselor 
Jasmine Rodriguez, Middle School Counselor