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LCFF/LCAP Goals/LCAP Drafts and Budgets and Action Steps

Please look here for our Local Control Funding Formula Goals and Action Steps for the current annual review of our current Local Control Accountability Plan.
Information on our current progress on our LCAP goals and services has been shared through our school board meetings, school site council (for both schools) and ELAC. We are in the process of sharing information through monthly parent meetings. 
Feedback is generated through those forums and parent and staff surveys. Survey results will be shared with all staff and parents. If you would like to provide additional feedback on the LCAP progress, services and goals please complete this survey: LCAP Feedback Survey.
Here are the LCFF Budget Overview documents (Shared in a public hearing on 5.31.22)
Here are the mid-year parent survey results:
Here are the mid-year instructional staff survey results:
In addition, regular office hours are held in which more information about the LCAP and opportunities for feedback are provided. For information on these office hours (held via zoom) please reach out to Kalin Balcomb, [email protected] 
LCAP Overview:
Goal # 1: To provide educational justice for our students by providing an arts enriched and rigorous academic program


Goal # 2: To create an inclusive school community based on meaningful collaboration between school staff and families to educate, support and empower the whole child
Please see here for the LCFF Goals, intended outcomes and action steps: LCFF Goals and LCAP info, outcomes, action steps 
The goals and services below have been created through collaboration from the English Language Learner Advisory Committee, the School Site Councils for each school, the AIA leadership and teaching team, and the school board.