Social Emotional Services and Supports

In order to meet the needs of all of our students, AIA utilizes a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) framework. When using MTSS, the goal is to address student behavioral and emotional struggles early, utilizing tier 1 supports and interventions, in order to intervene before they escalate further. If students continue to struggle, they can move through the tiers receiving increased levels of support.

California Education Code (EC) Section 215, as added by Assembly Bill 2246, (Chapter 642, Statutes of 2016) mandates that the Governing Board of any local educational agency (LEA) that serves pupils in grades seven to twelve, inclusive, adopt a policy on pupil suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention. The policy shall specifically address the needs of high-risk groups, including suicide awareness and prevention training for teachers, and ensure that a school employee acts within the authorization and scope of the employee’s credential or license.