Elementary After School Program ASES

After School Education and Safety Program (ASES)

Arts in Action Community Charter School's After School Education and Safety Program (ASES) is an after school program that is meant to serve up to 120 students free of cost. AIA's goal for the ASES program is that every student that is admitted to the program and attends everyday will learn and adopt the necessary skills in order to excel as students and future role models of their community. Through the ASES program students will have the opportunity and exposure to additional academic support, enrichment classes which include Art, Musical Theatre, Girl Scouts and other leadership activities.

Students are expected to attend every day to the ASES program. Students will be placed in groups based on their age/grade level. Through out the week the students will attend a variety of instructional enrichment classes. Every student will be introduced to art, dance, music, physical education and receive homework help.  Here is the list of the classes and class descriptions the students will be exposed to in the ASES program.

Classes Offered:

Homework Help 

During homework help students will receive homework assistance in small groups so that they all benefit from the additional assistance in their academic studies. They will also be working in small leadership group activities and projects in order to introduce them to the concepts of teamwork, community and responsibility.

Physical Education

In P.E. students will have a structural physical educational program. They will be introduced to basic exercising and stretching techniques and different sport activities that will teach them team work and basic rules of the sport.


Students will explore the fundamentals of art making through a series of art projects that stimulate their visual and tactile senses. Additionally students will be introduced to art materials such as oil pastels, tissue paper, watercolors, model magic and much more.


Introduces and inspires young dancers to know and understand world culture, creative expression and joyful celebration of Dance as an elemental force of life. Participants begin by learning basic steps and by researching the history of the specific dance form they are studying. Classes provide the opportunity to learn various dance techniques including Classical Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance as well as aspects of performance including choreography, costume design, set design, publicity, and audience relations. Expanding students’ vocabulary through the acquisition of dance-related terminology. The students use a historical perspective to discuss issues in today’s society, study videos of accomplished artists, and learn to prepare for performance.

Musical Theatre

Provides the opportunity for students to work on a full theatrical piece. Students learn dance and choreography, music and voice, and work together to create their own musical theatre production based on works in the contemporary repertoire. Students have performed "Annie", “Oliver” and scenes from "MaryPoppins" and have created their own culturally relevant version of the Wizard of Oz, "El Wiz", "The Lion King" and more.

Signature After School Enrichment Program (SASE)

The Signature After School Enrichment (SASE) Program at Arts In Action Community Charter School is a low cost paid after school program that focuses on the enrichment and educational growth of every student. SASE provides its students with the ability and tools to explore and express their own artistic and creative side that is sometimes limited in their regularday-to-day school schedule.  SASE offers diverse classes in the arts starting at a low cost of $40 per class per month. We ask all parents and students to be committed to the SASE for the entire Fall and/or Spring Semester.

The class size for every course offered will have a minimum of twelve students and not to exceed twenty students. Students are expected to attend every class they are registered for in order for the student to benefit the most from the enrichment class. We currently only offer Karate as part of the SASE Program.




The art of Nippon Kenpo (Japanese boxing) is a mixed martial art using protective gear. Students will learn the basics of stances, body movement, blocks, punches, and kicking. This art is done with full respect of others. Students will need loose clothing or a white Gi (karate uniform) in order to move adequately.


Local private school students are welcome to apply.