GATE and Enrichment and Extension Program (EEP)

The purpose of the GATE and Enrichment and Extension Program, formerly known as High Achievement Program (HAP), is to inspire students to excel academically, socially, emotionally, and in the arts. The program is comprised of in-class support and out-of-class enrichment opportunities including special guest speakers, field trip opportunities and special project based learning activities. The program is intended to provide a higher level of challenge to students who demonstrate high achievement and who would benefit from targeted instruction to continue their growth.

Arts in Action Community Charter Schools



Intellectual Ability:  Students referred will be given an IQ test; teacher checklist needed along with grade reports, periodic test results and work samples.  Students in this category are those whose general intellectual development is markedly advanced in relation to their chronological peers.

  • Checklist given to Teachers: Mid January
  • Teacher checklist and referral packages deadline: Late January
  • Parent Meetings and Parent Checklist : February to March
  • Submission of Students List to LAUSD: Late March


High Achievement: Student test scores alone qualify student.  Must consistently function 2 consecutive years at “highly advanced” levels in ELA AND math (Specific Academic Ability category = 2 consecutive years in ELA OR math)
  • Review of SBAC scores: Late Fall
  • Submit Identified Student CALPADS Winter Break
  • OLSAT Administration to 2nd/3rd Grade Students: February to March
  • Submit Identified Students CALPADS Late March


VAPA Ability: 
  • Referrals from Dance/Music teachers: Winter Break
  • Parent Meeting and Parent Checklist: February to March
  • Submission to LAUSD: Late March