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Learn about our middle school program!

One of the largest changes in a growing child’s life is their transition from elementary to middle school. During this transition, students will start the journey to adulthood, and continue to develop their skills, interests, and character.

The transition to middle school can feel overwhelming to students and families. Often, students are exposed to larger schools and larger class sizes, with multiple teachers in an environment that can feel anonymous. At Arts in Action, we work to address all of your child’s academic and socio-emotional development needs in a supportive and caring community environment. We work with your child through class sizes that are significantly smaller than district schools, with a high ratio of staff to students. Students in 6th grade work in cohorts, so that students are fully supported in the adjustment to middle school. Students receive support from two or more instructional staff in each classroom every day. The high level of instructional support allows for small group instruction, with hands on learning and a high level of student engagement. We believe that each child deserves an instructional experience that is tailored to their unique academic and socio-emotional needs.

Our emphasis on community extends to our collaboration with families, we believe a successful partnership between home and school is crucial. When your child attends Arts in Action, they will receive an arts-enriched education, with rigorous and individualized academic and socio-emotional supports geared towards supporting the growth of empowered global citizens who will have the compassion, confidence, and skills to give back to others and develop into the leaders and activists of tomorrow. 


If you are interested in our middle school program, spaces are limited. Please visit our enrollment page for more information: Enroll Today!