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United Parent Council

The overall purpose of the UPC is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all Arts In Action's children. In addition, the UPC serves to promote the welfare of children in school, to raise the standards of the academic program, to bring together families and the school, so that parents and educators may cooperate in the education of their children. 
Primary Goals
1. Increase students' exposure to programs outside of AIA, field trips, and materials by assisting with FUNDRAISING endeavors.
2. Be an advocate for all Arts In Action students by having a VOICE in school decisions and policies.
3. Build a stronger community by providing ongoing SUPPORT and WORKSHOPS to families.
4. Collaborate with school staff to develop a more positive school culture through EVENT COORDINATION.
Positions and Responsibilities
President: Karina Magaña 
  • Attends the school board meetings every six weeks, board meetings are on Saturdays
  • Runs the United Parent Council Board meetings
  • In charge of spearheading the yearly goals of United Parent Council
 Vice President: Maria Paz
  • Supports the President
  • Attends UPC board meetings in the absence of the President
  • Runs UPC board meetings in the absence of the President
 Treasurer: Brenda Segura 
  • In charge of fundraising initiatives
Secretary: Andrea Maldonado 
  • Records meeting notes

Basic UPC Board Responsibilities:

The fundamental role of the board is to govern the United Parent Council (UPC). Board members can delegate power through UPC policies and procedures. Much of the day-to-day work of the UPC is done by its board. Boards are entrusted with the UPC’s work by the members.

Although some responsibility can be delegated to grade level representatives or committees, ultimately it is the board that is responsible for the UPC. Every individual board member is still responsible for ensuring the board fulfills its duties.
The Duty of Care requires board members to be reasonably informed about what Arts in Action does, to participate in decision-making, and to act in good faith. Board members are expected to use good business judgment when making decisions and protecting UPC’s assets. Your UPC’s primary asset is its name and reputation.
The Duty of Loyalty requires board members to act in the best interest of the association. Board members should not make decisions based on whether or not they or their family will benefit but, instead, on what is best for the UPC and AIA. They should not share confidential information.
  • Read minutes and background materials to support their decisions.
  • Attend meetings, ask questions, and participate in discussions.
The Duty of Obedience requires board members to comply with all local, state and federal laws. Board members’ actions must also comply with UPC’s mission and purpose, and board members must obey their UPC’s bylaws.
Interested in attending UPC meetings? Everyone is welcome!

Reach out to the UPC office members!  Meetings are usually every Friday.
For more information, please visit Alex Ruiz in room 117.